Summers Here

Summer is officially here and we’re celebrating with the release of our first summer pack loaded with summer-approved Drunk Alpaca Brews! Keep it Sassy with our newest releases like the "Hey Girl Hey" and "Only Llamas Have Drama". This summer make sure to quench that thirst with our new brews ...

The Alpaca Society

What Does it mean to be apart of the Alpaca Society?!
Being apart of the alpaca society doesn't just mean you get great perks for beer! Although all together that does sound rather FREAKING AMAZING!!! One of the thing we try to do here at THE DRUNK ALPACA is simply share what it means to be a drunk alpaca. We have far long noticed that people no longer come together as a comunity and thats why every wednesday, we have a get together with free beer tasting on some of our new releases. Not only that but it gives people a bit of togetherness and we get to meet new people in the comunity. Thats why When you sign up you not only get to be apart of the Society you also get special perks on the free beer tasting and other events we have around deep ellum.
Check Out Tha Brews

Go to our brew page to see the latest and "Newest" beers! We have a variety of great tasting beers that know how to make a statement. So if you're a fan of New things or you're simply looking for the good old "Drunk Alpaca" signature brew you have come to the right place. Our brewers never let our customers down, they strive for the best tasting and great quality beers just for beer lovers like you.


Cheout some of our fun and very hip venues. Each of these selected venues features 21 taps of the freshest beer we can possibly offer. Along with great tasting food and other cool over the top enjoyable live music. Not to mention amazing brewery tours with beer tasting! These tours start off at just $25 per adult. Click and choose a venue to find out more!